SEI GAD Efforts


Production of New Information, Education and Communication Materials for Gender and Development

Women in Science Feature Series in GAD Facebook Page

Write shop for GAD Orientation of New Hires

Participation of SEI employees in DOST-Wide/PCW Women’s Month Celebration

Conducted DOST-SEI Women’s Month Celebration

Participation in different activities of anti-Violence Against Women

Conduct of Monthly GAD meetings

Maintenance of Lactation Room

Conduct of training workshop to craft SEI RA 11313 guidelines for GFPS and CODI

Conduct of Gender Sensitivity Training for New Hires

Establishment of VAW Deck/GAD Office

In-depth Gender Analysis Training/Workshop

Development of GAD-focused assessment/evaluation tool for SEI-developed educational resources


Conducted Online Gender Sensitivity Training for SEI Employees

Conducted Online Gender Analysis Training for SEI Project Leaders

Women in STEM Feature Series in GAD Facebook Page

Conducted Online Webinar about RA11313 for SEI Employees and Clients

Conducted the 2020 DOST-SEI Gender Mainstreaming Awards

Conducted monthly GAD Meetings

Participated and Shared Best Practices in the 2020 Gender and Development Focal Point Assembly


Conducted Women’s Day forum

Participation in activities of the National Women’s Month Celebration

Conducted Monthly GAD Meetings

Attended GAD Focal Point Assembly in Palawan last November 5-7, 2019.

Conducted Women Inspiring Women Forum

Conducted GFPS-TWG Planning Workshop

Conducted a film screening of BAGAHE in connection to the 18-day campaign toe End Violence Against Women

Conducted Krav Maga self-defense training as a Campaign to End Violence Against Women

Participated in the Training/Workshop on Gender Analysis

Distributed GAD Kits during the Nulab Bus Roadtrip to Los Banos.


Partnership with the Philippine Business for Education in their STEMpower Our Girls initiative.

Conduct of Women Inspiring Women Forum

Attended the Gender Summit 15 last June 18 and 19, in London, England and present during their parallel session

Conduct of #JuanaSays: A Talk on Magna Carta of Women

Participation of SEI personnel on DOST-Wide activities in celebration of the National Women’s Month

Participation of SEI personnel in different activities of during the Annual 19-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women

Conducted Gender Sensitivity Training

Conducted Gender Fair Language Orientation for SEI’s Employees

Conducted monthly GAD TWG meetings

Attended the International GAD conference and/or GAD Focal Point Assemblies convened by PCW.

GAD related trainings for our GFPS members