Four public high schools from Makati City ruled in this year’s 2012 Tagisang Robotics, the Philippine’s first and only varsity type robotics competition. 

Benigno Aquino High School Team Benigno Knights topped this year’s elimination round with a clean 6-0 slate, earning them the Best Team Award and winning P100,000 cash prize, P30,000 for their coach Edwin Engana, medals for all students and a trophy for their school. 

The alliance of Bangkal High School Team Super Automated Mechanize Universal Electrobots (S. A. M. U. E. L.), Tibagan High School Team Cybertron, and Makati Science High School Team MakSci Immortals ruled in the Final Round as the Best Alliance and taking with them P150, 000 cash prize, their coaches Marvin Ragasa, Dorothy Naval and Job Ferrer, respectively, getting P10,000 each, medals for students and trophies for their schools. 

Malayan High School of Science Team Sindak is the Tagisang Robotics first Rookie of the Year Awardee as it finished with a 5-1 win-loss card, the best among the 10 new schools this year. Team Sindak won a P50,000 cash prize, P10, 000 cash prize for their coach Dhonny Bacuyag, medals for the students and trophy for the school. 

Tagisang Robotics: Design, Build and Play Competition, organized by the Science Education Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-SEI) together with the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center (NFSDC), is an annual varsity type robotics competition that seeks to promote robotics to the youth and eventually entice them to pursue studies and careers in science and engineering. 

The game is a mixture of Filipino-loved sports, basketball and football, using robots where alliances—composed of three teams—try to score buko, milon and pakwan balls to their opponent’s goal. 

SEI Director Dr. Filma G. Brawner expressed her praise to the competing teams this year as they upped the ante of the game in the innovations they have placed in the robots they created this year. 

“For the efforts you have exerted throughout the competition process and for the deep interest you have shown in being part of this whole thing, much gratitude and appreciation from me and my colleagues in the Science Education Institute – Department of Science and Technology,” she said. 

Brawner said the competition is a good headstart for schools to venture into robotics in the hope that the students will have interest in pursuing careers in science when they go to college. 

“So I encourage you to keep your heads up, because your journey is just starting. Be proud and optimistic for you are just scratching the surface of your potential as future professionals in the field of robotics,” Brawner added. 

She also expressed optimism that next year’s Tagisang Robotics will be more exciting and more innovative with more schools joining and the game improving every year. (30)