The DOST Courseware is a locally-produced, all-original Filipino highly interactive multimedia educational resource packages available both in Windows and Android versions, conceptualized, digitized and produced as spearheaded by the Science Education Institute (SEI-DOST) in partnership with the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI-DOST) and in cooperation with the Department of Education (DepEd), Philippine Normal University (PNU) and University of the Philippines-National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (UP-NISMED), which primary goal is to develop information and communication technology learning innovation to support the upgrading and improvement of science and mathematics education in the country. The DOST Courseware are provided for free to schools and are also made available online as supplemental resources for teachers and student as an interactive approach to e-learning and blended learning. 




• Aims to optimize, streamline and standardize educational lesson presentation in Science and Mathematics through the use of cost-effective and high quality solutions


• Assist in developing competitive students who can maximize and enhance learning through the use of ICT


• Equip teachers with supplemental tools to assist them not only in teaching but also in motivating their students to learn and participate in class discussions


Grade 1 – 6 Science and Mathematics (1st Edition)


Launched in 2007, the first edition of the DOST Courseware for Grades 1-6 Science and Mathematics have 102 modules overall, 60 modules in Mathematics and 40 modules in Science. 


Grade 1 – 6 Mathematics (2nd Edition)


The K-12 aligned Grades 1-6 Mathematics DOST Courseware is composed of 60 lessons in mathematics. Modules are divided into three parts: Activity, Fixing Skills and Evaluation and features student-characters Aida, Dan, Ed and Tessa. These modules were launched and released in December 2014.


Grade 7-8  Science and Mathematics (1st Edition) 

The Grade 7 DOST Courseware is composed of 120 lessons overall, 73 lessons in Science where it covered the domains on: Matter; Force, Motion and Energy, Living Things and Their Environment and Earth and Space while the 60 lessons in Mathematic covered the domains on: Numbers and Number Sense, Patterns and Algebra, and Geometry.


The Grade 8 DOST Courseware is composed of 118 lessons overall, 61 lessons in Science where it covered the domains on: Parts and Functions, Ecosystems, Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits, Structures and Functions, Biodiversity, and Evolution, while the 57 lessons in Mathematics covered the domains on: Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations, Rational Algebraic Equations, Integral Exponents, Radicals, Arithmetic Sequence and Geometric Sequence.


The themes of the courseware for Grades 7 and 8, Magicademy, Freddy’s Lab and D’nayao will surely amuse the users as they explore these distinct worlds while learning at the same time. These modules were launched and released in December 2014.


The Android version which can be operated in mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets can be downloaded for free from Google Play, composed of ten (10) Grade 7 Science and Mathematics and ten (10) Grade 8 Science and Mathematics and sixty (60) Grades 1-6 Mathematics 2nd Edition. These modules were uploaded and released in Google Play December 2015 and March 2017 respectively. 


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